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Lights Camera Passion is a lifestyle platform for those that are pursuing their passions and living them daily. The LCP life covers culture, fashion, art, food, travel, fun, fitness, and much more. At LCP, we believe the lifestyle that you want, must be created through your own vision. We encourage you to pursue your passions and purpose wholeheartedly. We believe that is the true gift of a life of fulfillment. Here we will have fun ways to improve your personal quality of life, along with encouragement and fuel for your dreams. This brand is about living life out loud. I encourage you to follow this blog as I evolve.  Each day is a new day, so you can expect conversations, images, and many random bits of life, love, laughter, and much light as we grow.  On Fridays, we will have a Feature Friday segment that was created to showcase people pursuing their passions and living the LCP lifestyle. Enjoy!

About the creative director, Whitney Williams

About one year ago, as I sat on my parent’s couch during the holidays, I lamented to myself about how unfulfilled I felt.  Have you ever been annoyed with yourself and you’re not quite sure why?  Well welcome to the majority of my 20s. To many, I have always been that outgoing, bubbly person that never has too much of a bad day.  SPOILER ALERT: I have had several bad days.  Fortunately, I have been blessed with a resilient spirit and a “glass is half full” mentality even during my darkest days. I promised myself that upon the new year (2015), I would take the reigns on my life and my overall happiness.  As you all probably already know, things don’t always work out the way we envision them.  I started a new job that was unfamiliar territory for me.  I didn’t understand the nature of what I had gotten myself into, along with stepping into uncharted waters.  I believe at that time, it took a toll on my overall creativity and my ability to think beyond my profession.  At that time, I had not gotten a firm grasp of my emotions and I began to slowly see LCP as a future endeavor.  How many times have you put your PASSION on the backburner because of fleeting emotions or circumstances?   Needless to say, I have spent many days over the past few months pondering how I would relaunch my lifestyle blog.  I haven’t quite figured that part out yet, but what I have realized is typing this right now is giving me LIFE. I’m a 20-something with things to say and gifts that I am ready to share with you.  If I touch at least one person’s heart, I am successful.  This is not my full-time job, but it’s my full-time dream. Stay tuned.

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